Gurkha soldiers awarded same pensions rights as British Army soldiers

Gurkha soldiers are to get access to the same pensions as the rest of the British Army, the government has announced.

Defence minister Derek Twigg said the move would mean serving Gurkhas and those who retired on or after 1 July 1997 will have the opportunity to transfer from their Gurkha Pension Scheme to the main Armed Forces Pension Scheme.

Gurkhas who have served for at least five years will have the opportunity to transfer to other units within the wider Army to pursue their chosen career path. They will also have the same leave entitlements as the rest of the Army.

Work is also under way to see how woman can be recruited into the Gurkhas for the first time, Twigg said.

This announcement follows a far-reaching review of Gurkha terms and conditions of service.

“The improved terms and conditions of service will form the basis for continued Gurkha service in the British Army, which is made possible by the long-standing and friendly relations between the governments and peoples of the UK and Nepal,” Twigg said.

Gurkhas will still be recruited in Nepal and serve as Nepalese citizens within the British Army.

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