Conciliation service Acas launches free online course to help avoid discrimination

Conciliation service Acas has launched a new free online course to help employers avoid discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of religion or belief.

Employers need to be aware of the behaviours and attitudes in their workplace and to ensure good practice for a fair and open environment, Acas warns.

The new course:

  • defines religion or belief

  • explains the legal aspects of the religion or belief regulations

  • explains how the regulations affect recruitment and existing employees

  • looks at the day-to-day impact the regulations might have on your business.

Acas also provides good practice guidance on religion or belief in the workplace.

Rita Donaghy,  Acas chair said: “No matter how professional or well run your business is, bullying and discrimination can still happen.

“Some people may think the office banter is harmless or a conversation in the staff car park is private, but employers should make it clear what is acceptable behaviour and have the proper channels available if someone has concerns about their treatment.”

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