Guru never really got to grips with Meredith Belbin’s 1980s study on
personality types and management teams before, but thanks to new,
ground-breaking research, the concept has fallen into place for him. All has
been explained in a language that Guru really understands – biscuits.

According to a report by leading behavioural psychologist Gladeana McMahon,
your cookie preferences betray your personality and potential.

Did you know, for example, that HR directors are more likely to prefer
custard creams?

Apparently, the way in which you take your biscuit also says something about
you. You are a conformist if you take one biscuit at a time, confident if you
take two and if you take three or more you are overly competitive or

Guru was disappointed to find that his own biscuit habit has not been
covered – placing a whole Wagon Wheel in the mouth, sipping tea and holding everything
there until the biscuit has completely melted before swallowing. Guru’s record
time for this exercise is 11 minutes and four seconds.

Now that Guru has finally found an HR topic he can enthuse about, he is
inspired to write his first management book and would love to hear from other
passionate biscuit behaviour analysts and theorists out there.

What do your biscuit habits and preferences say about you? E-mail him at [email protected]

What does your biscuit say about you?

Custard Creams
Preferred by the Team Workers who support members of the team by building
on suggestions and improving communications while fostering team spirit. The
Team Worker enjoys the reliable way in which the custard filling welds the
biscuit together and the HR director is the one most likely to make the most of
welding the various people talents into a winning combination. Eaten layer by
layer, this really hits the spot.

The preference of Co-ordinators. "Likely to be chosen by the individual
with a high business acumen and sound judgement".

Hob Nobs
The Shaper is challenging, dynamic and thrives on pressure, with the drive
and courage to overcome obstacles.

Jaffa Cakes
The Plant’s favourite. "Creative, imaginative and unorthodox – someone
who solves difficult problems and advances new ideas and strategies".

Rich Teas
For sober, strategic, discerning Monitor Evaluators, such as procurement
directors who "prefer a simple, unfussy biscuit at a reasonable

Chocolate Digestives
Resource Investigators are extroverted, enthusiastic and communicative and
love to explore opportunities and create contacts.

Specialists are technical or financial experts such as the IT director or
chief financial officer – people who seek precision and accuracy above all else.

Completer Finishers ensure the team is protected from mistakes and actively
search for aspects of work that need a more than usual degree of attention.


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