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Under 30s plump for joy of sicks

More than half of all workers under the age of 30 have phoned in sick so
they can have sex.

A survey for Channel Five reveals 52 per cent of employees have pretended to
be ill so they could stay in bed with their partner. Guru is surprised by the
finding as in his experience Mrs Guru generally ‘throws a sickie’ to avoid sex
rather than finding time for more.

The survey also reveals that 56 per cent of people have taken time off
because of a hangover. A quarter have invented a family bereavement so they
could take time off.

Cleaning up in Islington

Islington council in London has introduced a three-day college course to
teach caretakers how to use their mops.

So far the council has paid for 80 caretakers to take the classes during
which they are taught to use a cunning figure-of-eight action. Other lessons
include advice on cleaning walls, windows and staircases, removing graffiti and
picking up syringes.

Successful caretakers receive certificates from the British Institute of
Cleaning Science at special awards ceremonies held at Islington Town Hall.

Particularly gifted caretakers can take a higher qualification in the
subject – where Guru imagines students are taught advanced skills such as how
to round up escaping schoolkids and phrases like ‘more than my job’s worth,

The essential read in a cold climate

What could be more relaxing after
conquering the North Pole than sitting down with the latest issue of Personnel

Muscular Dystrophy sufferer Michael McGrath helped raise more
than £100,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign during his visit to the pole
– where he found time to take part in our extreme photo competition.

Michael, who works for executive coaching company Performance
Unlimited, met up with the Christopher Cope North Pole Expedition, run to raise
money and awareness for the charity.

After celebrating the team’s successful arrival with a warming
drop or two of whisky, Michael raised a few eyebrows among colleagues by
settling down to enjoy the latest news in his favourite HR magazine.

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