This week’s guru

Info commission keen to protect its own data

Guru has been anxiously awaiting the Information Commission’s code of
practice on selection and recruitment, which will inform employers how to
manage their employees’ data without falling foul of the Data Protection Act.

The problem is that there appears to be little information coming from the

The code was due to be issued last year, then Guru was informed it would be
published last month but no, there’s more delay and finally he was told it
would be released last week.

In a fever of excitement he phoned the Information Commission only to be
told all phone lines were down.

Guru’s been thinking of new names for the organisation, possibly the
Misinformation Commission or perhaps revert back to the Data Protection
Commission – especially when its their own data.

GB curlers skate on thin ice?

Guru was reminded of the importance of training and development by the
success of the GB women’s curling team, which against the odds won gold at the
Winter Olympics.

The team hit the sporting heights after attending a two-day training course
organised by Chester-based Sewells Training and Consultancy.

The firm’s chairman Will Holden was delighted with the success of the team following
the training sessions, which were held at the Perth Ice Rink.

He said: "The workshop gets people to talk through different scenarios
– there’s no happy-clappy stuff or walking on hot coals."

Guru is relieved Sewells decided against the hot coals, which might have
caused a few problems on the ice.

Unlikely boarders far from heaven

Guru knows only too well that things can get lost in translation. But what
most people forget is that things can be added as well.

The Home Office made every effort to ensure its White Paper on the overhaul
of the UK asylum system was translated into all appropriate languages.

The White Paper, entitled Secure Borders, Safe Haven, sets out the
Government’s tough new approach to processing and deporting asylum-seekers.

But in one translation this became Secure Boarders, Safe in Heaven,
delegates were told at the Infolog conference on migration.

Guru thought this was a far more accurate description of the Government’s
‘fortress Britain’ approach which has yet to attempt to integrate refugees and
tap their talent.

Less is more in the world of work

Research by Learndirect reveals that
Britons waste 286 million hours every week doing nothing. The research claims
working adults squander six hours a week on average and should invest the time
in personal development.

So should we work harder? Not according to consultants Oncus,
which has launched the second National Slacker Day. The firm says creative and
intelligent people are being driven to hair loss and road rage by the UK’s
unhealthy work-comes-first attitude.

It recommends people spend more time in bed or in front of TV
to remind them that life should not revolve around the office.

Guru has always been a disciple of the theory ‘work less to
achieve more’. He is proud to be one who spends a large proportion of his
working week doing very little. It is only by achieving a state of complete
idleness that he can release the creative chaos of his mind.

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