Guru blog reaches out to the masses

Devoted disciples will know that Guru was last week made aware of a growing internet phenomenon known as ‘blogging’. His subsequent research revealed that the word ‘blog’ derives from the term ‘web log’, and refers to user-generated websites where journal-style entries are made and displayed in reverse chronological order. This appealed to Guru, as it would allow him to share his wisdom in a more immediate and interactive way.

The problem with blogging is its image. Traditionally, according to one unnamed editor, bloggers are regarded as “w*nkers in pyjamas who like to write about their cats”. Indeed, there are now thought to be 60 million blogs in existence – so that’s an awful lot of soggy nightwear and useless feline facts.

But Guru is now on a one-man mission to take blogging mainstream with his new Guru Blog. Add it to your favourites or subscribe to new blog postings to ensure you don’t miss daily insights into the world of work from your favourite HR sage.

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