Guru marathon sponsorship deals update

After some top-level talks, Guru has secured a one-week extension (until 2 March) to the deadline for sponsoring the Personnel Today teams taking part in the Osborne Clarke Challenge, part of the Asics Reading Half Marathon. Yes, this is your final chance to sponsor the ‘HR Cheetahs’ (girls) and/or ‘This time it’s Personnel’ (boys) before the race on 25 March.

Guru can smugly tell you from the comfort of his throne – getting into the spirit of things by watching Elle MacPherson exercise videos and tucking into a  Marathon chocolate bar (Gurus can find these things) – that the race is turning into a real battle of the sexes.

It’s not a pretty sight. Every day, Guru is subjected to whisperings among the two teams on how they plan to overcome their rivals, and now he’s getting a bit upset that he’s being excluded. It’s not his fault if he doesn’t want to eat muesli, run down long, windy roads in the cold and rain at night and get covered in sweat. He leaves all that to Mrs Guru, when she has her sleepwalking episodes.

But Guru has to admit that the all-female team is shaping up nicely. So all is forgiven.

Come on, put your hands in your pocket and support the teams with hard HR cash. Current corporate sponsors include TCS, Proactive HR, Piazzamore Restaurant, and Nordic Staff. All corporate sponsors that pledge £25 or more will have their logos displayed on all kits. All proceeds go to The Childrens’ Trust.

The teams

This time it’s Personnel

  • Rob Willock (group editor)
    Nickname: The Gazelle – “A sarcastic nickname earned after a particularly poor fielding display in a game of cricket.” Why participating: “Alcohol had a decisive role.” Why you should sponsor: “Out of sympathy.”

  • Mike Berry (news editor)
    Nickname: The Flash. Why participating: “To prove that men are physically superior to women.” Why you should sponsor: “Because it’s for charidee, mate.”

  • Darren Ward (business development manager)
    Nickname: Donkey Darren. Why participating: “Delusions of still being young and fit.” Why you should sponsor: “It’s good to help.”

  • Richard Bennett (head of sales)
    Nickname: Lucky Legs. Why participating: “A combination of peer pressure, and a desire to know if I can still run distances (even short ones).” Why you should sponsor: “If you don’t, it will be all pain and no gain.”

HR Cheetahs

  • Natalie Cooper (staff writer)
    Nickname:Princess Xena. Why participating: “So I can wear a bikini this summer without feeling like a heifer.” Why you should sponsor: “We want to raise more funds for charity.”

  • Dawn Spalding (legal editor)
    Nickname: Elaw Express. Why participating: “In the words of Robbie and Kylie, I’m doin’ it for the kidz.” Why you should sponsor: “To make all the pain and miles worth it.”

  • Karen Dempsey (editor)
    Nickname: Dashing Dempsey. Why participating: “Partly for charity, partly to beat the boys. Why you should sponsor: “Entertainment value – the furthest I’ve ever run is the 200m race at the school sports day.”

  • Natasha Leontiff (web manager)
    Nickname: Itsy Bitsy. Why participating: “To get these damn cobwebs out of my hair.” Why you should sponsor: “It’s a good cause.”

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