Guru says: don’t be lonely on Valentine’s Day

you want to join Guru’s HR love-in?

The challenges of HR can sometimes demand total dedication –
the sort of dedication that makes it hard to find true love.

Sound familiar?

Why not enter our free dating service for this year’s
Valentine’s Day instead.

Email guru
with a description of yourself in not more than 30 words, specifying your
gender, age and the county you live in, and we will run an anonymous selection
of the most entertaining in our 11 February edition.

Guru will forward any expressions of interest that we
receive to your message, but will ensure that your identity and contact e-email
will be kept secret. This way you still have a chance to secure a date for the

Make sure you are not sat alone in front of the telly on
Valentine’s evening with a cheap bottle of wine and some chocolate ice cream in
your lap. Be part of Guru’s HR love-in instead.

Email guru now!

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