Guru’s world rocked by shocking news

Guru understands all about slow news weeks. He was once so short of material he actually turned his Status Quo CD down and The Politics Show up.

But last week, with a report warning that the world was about to boil to death, the build up to the US mid-term elections being labelled the ‘dirtiest’ ever, and A-Ha winning a Q magazine award, he wouldn’t have thought the nation’s press would need to focus quite so much on a document telling us that some students actually don’t do that much work.

But there it was the Higher Education Policy Institute research, at the top of Radio 4’s morning agenda, leading page two of the Times, and even on Guru’s favourite, the BBC website.

The Times, in particular, seemed shocked that while some Cambridge students were spending all day in the library, those at the University of Central Lancashire were more likely to be found making roaches out of Pot Noodle tubs while slouching in an armchair watching Neighbours on TV.

Guru awaits the similarly earth-shattering front-page headlines ‘Trains are sometimes late’, and ‘Some trendy bars don’t half rip you off for a pint these days’.



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