Half of directors doubt they add value

of senior business leaders and board members feel that they do not add value to
the business, new research reveals.

False Summit Report by leadership consultants Skai also reveals 60 per cent of board
members believe the company’s employees don’t think they add value either.

in 10 respondents believe they have the skills and experience to perform well.

report calls for more training for board members because it claims they have
the wrong skills for their roles and need to improve leadership, communication
and strategic skills.

Bajer, a director of Skai, said, "As people reach the higher echelons of a
company, they assume that they have reached the top of their profession,"

they do not realise is that role they have taken on has will provide them with
a new learning curve. It is a different job utilising different skills and they
still have a lot of developing to do before they become effective strategic

report polled 450 UK senior managers and board members.

By Ben Willmott

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