Have a rant: Costly commute

I am absolutely horrified that Ken Livingstone has increased London Underground fares, and rail companies think they can push up their prices when commuters are already paying extortionate rates for their daily travel.

As an HR director of a company based in London, I can’t believe my employees now have to fork out more from their wages to pay for their journeys into work. Not only is our public transport system shambolic and archaic, but it seems to be getting worse. What with overcrowding, frustrating delays, and one of the most expensive transport systems in the world, it’s just a joke.

My company employs more than 1,000 staff and if we are to keep our competitive edge in the market, we need to recruit and retain talented employees from a far-reaching geographical base because a lot of our staff can’t afford to live in central London.

These crippling travel fares will force potential employees to start seeking work away from the capital. This means companies like ours will either have to start compensating staff travel, which could cost us thousands, or we will have to move premises and relocate staff outside London.

If Livingstone succeeds in deterring employees, and forcing companies to reconsider moving to another region, who will be left to pay for the London Underground then? Perhaps he should consider the long-term implications of his actions before punishing commuters.

Then again, a move to the countryside may not be a bad idea after all. Our employees would be much healthier and a lot better off.

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