Have a rant: ‘Ditch the Dullard’ campaign

I had the intense displeasure of wasting my time in the company of an extremely dull HR director recently.

He loved the sound of his own voice and plainly believed that I was fascinated by every bigoted and plainly wrong opinion he so willingly shared about human resources, the world of work and society in general.

How do such people rise to positions of seniority? Who is promoting these idiots?

I have learned sufficient social niceties over the years to know how to handle these situations without causing offence. But Mr Tedious has forced a change of heart. From this moment on, I am launching my own personal campaign to ‘Ditch the Dullard’.

In future, if I get stuck with a tiresome ignoramus, I am simply going to extricate myself from the situation. Walk away or, if the worst comes to the worst, simply confront him with his dullness: “I’m sorry – yours is quite the most excruciatingly bad acquaintance I have ever had the misfortune to make. I cannot bear to listen to any more of your arrogant, inane ramblings. I have better things to do with my life. Goodbye.” Or words to that effect.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. My ‘Ditch the Dullard’ campaign could actually be considered a kind of public service. Many of these crashing bores will have no idea their people skills are so lacking. It could benefit them to be told so candidly that they are uninteresting, since it will give them a chance to do something about it. So sign up to my ‘Ditch the Dullard’ campaign before these losers spoil life for the rest of us. E-mail personneltoday@rbi.co.uk.

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