Have a rant: Time-wasting

I appreciate that ‘watercooler moments’ are an essential and colourful thread in the fabric of modern working life, but the incessant gossip about the latest Celebrity Big Brother is going too far.

Not only does my teenage daughter drive me nuts with incessant viewing of/talking to her friends on the phone about Celebrity Big Brother, but I get no escape from it when I get to the office.

It would be interesting to time all the conversations that interrupt the working day to discuss the goings-on in the Big Brother house. Perhaps it would be easier to just broadcast a bulletin at hourly intervals so that people aren’t forever checking their phones to find out what’s happening.

What I can’t understand is why Ken Russell even considered taking part in the programme. I’m not at all surprised he’s out. And yet, the manner of his departure made me a bit uncomfortable (well, if I have to watch it then I’m entitled to an opinion).

The whole ‘upstairs/downstairs’ split imposed on the housemates seems to have been an eye-opener for some of them, so maybe there’s a worthwhile element of social experiment. And I guess the longer you have been rich, famous and pampered, the harder it is to remember what life is like for the people down the line from you.

It just goes to show how working with someone who is not a team player can undermine everyone else’s efforts to pull together.

Good grief! Did I just say something positive about Big Brother?

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