Have a rant – Wipe that smile off the ‘MyFace’ generation

What’s all this nonsense about blogging and social networking?

Every time I open the business pages of the national press there seems to be comment about these so-called social media networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

It’s all trash as far as I can see. Some of my HR colleagues have signed up to these sites, and for what? Wasting valuable company time chatting to their friends, and rejecting ‘friends’ requests from bikini-clad women and guys with their kits off. Give me a break.

Someone should put a ban on using these sites in the workplace.

I can’t see any benefit in joining these communities. I have enough on my plate dealing with company mergers and top-level board management issues without having to police my staff on the net.

I’ve even started Googling some of my staff, and it’s become apparent that a few of them are making public fools of themselves by revealing dodgy photos that permanently hang in the cyberspace domain of the internet for everyone to see – thus potentially damaging the reputation of the company.

While there is not enough evidence to discipline staff yet, it’s only a matter of time before someone inevitably slips up, giving me good grounds to wipe the smiles off the people that surf Facebook, MySpace, etc on a regular basis.

Call me old fashioned, but all this talk of social networking seems to be more about proving ‘how popular’ they are by attracting as many idiots as possible.

Show me the business benefits these journalists keep harping on about. They obviously don’t work in the real world.

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