Anti-malarial vaccination is a myth and does not exist

I was pleased to see that you highlighted the importance of appropriate risk assessment for business travellers (Personnel Today, 12 June). As a travel health nurse, I am often presented with last-minute employees travelling to high-risk areas such as Nigeria and Angola.

Your article said: “Forward planning is essential. For instance, an anti-malarial vaccination course needs to start at least six weeks before the trip.”

There are many misconceptions in relation to the prevention and treatment of malaria – one being that there is an available vaccine to prevent the disease.

Travellers are recommended to attend clinics at least six weeks prior to travelling to enable completion of vaccine schedules programmes for vaccine-preventable diseases.

Unfortunately, malaria is not included in the vaccine list and currently anti-malarial tablets and bite avoidance are the only means of protection from this potentially life-threatening disease.

Pauline Ganley
Registered nurse (RGN)

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