Having your say

The HR profession gets the chance to voice its opinion on headline news each week through our online barometer.

Based on your votes over the past year, we take a look at whether you agreed with the news and leading opinion formers, and what this could mean for the New Year.

The News The Government will scrap the compulsory retirement age. The CBI said it would lead to a swathe of older employees claiming the right to stay on.

Your view: Do you support the scrapping of the retirement age?

Yes – 44%

No – 56%

Our verdict: HR appears to be in tune with the CBI. You are clearly worried about staff who want to “work ’til they drop”.

The News Holiday demands are set to rocket after a ground-breaking deal grants London Underground workers 52 days holiday a year. Unions and staff surveys say more holiday entitlement is becoming one of the most important employee benefits.

Your view: Do you anticipate giving your staff more holiday next year?

Yes – 20%

No – 80%

Our verdict: As competition increases for top talent HR, may have to listen harder to staff when designing benefits packages.

The News Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launches management standards to help employers tackle workplace stress. The HSE recommends businesses evaluate, record and review stress levels at work.

Your view: Do you measure staff stress levels?

Yes – 9%

No – 88%

Our verdict: The cost of work related stress a year is 3.7bn. 13.4 billion days’ work were lost in 2001/2 to stress. Probably time to look into this.

The News The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) held its annual conference at Harrogate where speakers debated ‘the hottest issues in people management’.

Your view: Did you go to the CIPD conference at Harrogate in Yorkshire in October this year?

Yes – 17 %

No – 83%

Our verdict: Is this the undercurrent of dissatisfaction about the CIPD bubbling to the surface again or were most of you too busy actually working to go?

The News The HR profession is plagued by bullying and the problem is getting worse. Almost three-quarters of HR staff have been bullied at work, according to our survey.

Your view: Have you ever knowingly bullied a member of staff?

Yes – 11%

No – 89%

Our verdict: It seems most bullying happens without the bully’s knowledge. Managers in HR must make clear the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

The News Government and the unions are to co-fund a union training academy to teach reps to better negotiate with business for employment rights.

Your view: Should the Government fund the training of union reps?

Yes – 94%

No – 6%

Our verdict: Bit of surprising response. We can’t help but feel there was a union rallying cry when it came to answering this question.

The News Equality bodies rush to condemn plans to set up a single body to champion equality and human rights. The Employers
Forum on Age claimed the government had not given employers enough time to make their voice heard.

Your view: Do you support the move to a single equality body?

Yes – 85%

No – 15%

Our verdict: You have no fears of the new body bending to the will of pressure groups at the expense of business. Good move. Get involved and make it work for you.

The News The Government announces it will set up a Women at Work Commission but experts question whether it would lead to unnecessary legislation, putting more pressure on employers.

Your view: Should the Government step in to improve women’s rights?

Yes – 71%

No – 29%

Our verdict: Almost three-quarters of you don’t have faith in your own approaches to equality and diversity. Remember equality is about good business sense not just being nice and get to work on it.

If you have any views on these or other issues, e-mail: michael.millar@rbi.co.uk

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