HDA present at Association for Coaching International Conference

HDA are delighted to be invited to present at the next Association for Coaching International Conference “Going Global 2010” on 11th and 12th March 2010.

HDA have chosen John Perry, Senior HDA Coach; and Barbara Jakob, Senior Consultant from Swiss partner Trans_m AG, to co-present a highly dynamic and educational session on Coaching for Stress Management: The 3-Dimensional Approach.

Through this presentation HDA aims to enhance awareness of the importance of coaching for stress management, particularly in the turbulent and transformative times that we are currently experiencing. 

In addition, the value of adopting the 3-Dimensional Approach, as a best practice tool will be promoted as a means of ensuring success in today’s global business environment.

John Perry is an executive coach, trainer and widely published writer; with particular capabilities in the areas of stress management, time management and inter-personal skills. 

He combines the academic expertise of holding 3 Masters degrees with solid commercial knowledge gained through his work as a consultant, trainer and coach.

Barbara Jakob is a highly motivational business coach and mentor.  As a Consultant she is involved in leadership training, change management, outplacement, coaching/mentoring and culture investment; where she draws on both her business experience and Masters qualifications to achieve success. 

Barbara is also the chair of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council in Switzerland and a training coach at the Fachhochschule Olten, in Switzerland.

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