HDA recommends investing for success

HDA, one of the UK’s leading human capital consultancies, states that in 2009 the focus should not be on whether you invest in talent management areas, such as executive coaching, but in fact how you should make this investment. 

HDA recognises that coaching can be beneficial at all levels and in an ideal world it would be an integral part of any successful talent management strategy.

This is reflected in the 2009 ‘HDA Attitudes to Coaching Survey’, which revealed that 92% of organisations surveyed found that coaching delivers significant business benefits, while also providing value for money.

However, coaching will be seen as a ‘luxury’ during turbulent times and HDA recommends that during these times if investment in coaching is being made, it should begin at the top. 

Leaders play a critical role in determining organisational success so although the initial investment will be made at the top of the organisation, the benefits will be experienced throughout.

“At HDA, we believe that leaders will experience new challenges over the coming year, as organisations continue to morph into a new way of working in order to remain competitive and in some cases even to survive.  With this in mind coaching can become an enabler of this change – driving leaders and in turn the company forward to achieve success. 

“We only need to look at organisations like Virgin to understand the impact that inspirational and successful leaders have on an organisation and its people.” comments Melissa Gallagher, Client Partner Project Manager at HDA.

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