Helping hand points the way to the next level

I’ve taken the plunge and joined the HR avant-garde. I’ve got a life coach.

Some will say I’m a plonker for throwing away good money on a shaman in a sharp suit who tells clients the blindingly obvious, but I see it as an investment. The fact is I’ve reached a personal and career plateau. I need to make, as the late chairman Mao said, a great leap forward.

I’ve been static for too long. I need someone to show me the route to the Promised Land. And, cometh the hour, cometh the coach.

How did I find this potential saviour? Well I bumped into Trevor, an old HR mate, at a comps and bens do, got chatting about where we’re at and he recommended Clive. Clive of Surbiton, as Trevor calls him.

You can’t beat a personal recommendation – it’s better than the tiresome alternative of checking out accreditation bodies and the like. After all, what’s their hidden agenda? To get professionals to part with their money in return for some nebulous status, methinks.

Anyway, I’ve had one pay-as-you-go session with Clive and I think it’s shaping up nicely.

His first probing question was: “Where do you see yourself in the HR and business paradigm and where would you like to see yourself?”
It took me some time to answer that one. So long, in fact, that we didn’t have time for Clive to analyse and elaborate on my answers.

“I’ll deal with that next week HR,” he told me.

Frankly, I can’t wait.

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