Heyday group takes government to High Court over new age legislation

A campaign group is taking the government to the High Court over the new age discrimination legislation to be introduced in October.

As part of the mandatory retirement age clause, employees will be able to request to work beyond the age of 65, but employers do not have to give a reason for refusal.

The Heyday group, backed by Age Concern, claims the new law contravenes European equal rights legislation and employers should have to give a reason for refusal.

The government has 21 days in which to submit a response to Heyday’s application to the High Court. If permission is granted for the case to proceed, a full oral hearing will take place, most likely in early autumn. 

“Taking the government to court is not a step Heyday is taking lightly, but we are determined to challenge the existence and legality of the mandatory retirement age,” the group said. 

“It’s what people approaching retirement want; it’s good for business, good for the economy and good for society,” it added.

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