High price of work ‘climate of fear’

Workplace bullying is costing the UK economy billions of pounds a year,
according to a victim turned adviser.

Speaking at a seminar on harassment organised for staff at carton and food
processing company Tetra Pak, bullying expert Alison Campbell warned that
bullies wrecked careers.

"Like their schoolyard counterparts, perpetrators think they can get
away with it because they create a climate of fear in which no one dare tell.

"These people are destroying lives. It has got to stop."

Campbell herself suffered a bullying boss until a stress-related illness
drove her out of work and into hospital.

Tetra Pak has updated its policy on harassment to include bullying and used
the Campbell seminars to promote it.

Personal safety charity, The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, has called for UK
workplaces to address the issue of bullying as a matter of urgency, following
the publication of the Manchester School of Management Report.

Trust director Diane Lamplugh said, "Combating bullying makes good
business sense. Our experience has shown that aggressive management styles and
an acceptance of a culture of violence within organisations leads to
absenteeism, demotivation and reduced productivity.

"Eliminating bullying and other aggression from the workplace can have
a hugely positive impact on the bottom line."

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