HOM serves up a diploma course

International chef Ken Hom has launched a bespoke chefs’ training programme
for restaurant company Noble House Group.

The Ken Hom Academy of Oriental Cooking comprises a four-stage programme
carried out in the company’s kitchens. It involves four levels of audited
progress, from induction to certificates and NVQ level 2, and culminates in a
manage-ment level in-house diploma.

Noble House training and development manager Mary Woodman co-ordinated the
programme and tested it at every stage before producing a manual in English,
Thai and Chinese. The course started in April and 20 chefs are signed up per

London Central Learning and Skills Council lent its backing and support to
the programme.

Training with the Ken Hom Academy will become a pre-requisite for joining
the company for all new kitchen staff but will be open to other employees too.

Chief executive of the Noble House Group Robert Breare said: "We
believe this initiative will make us an employer of choice. We think everything
that can be done to increase the credibility of the industry will help attract
people into a career, not just into a job."

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