Home workers concentrated in the south east

There are now 3.8 million internet homeworkers in the UK, most working in areas of greater prosperity such as London, research reveals.

The survey from broadband analyst Point Topic shows that 28% of homes in the London suburbs include at least one homeworker. 

Home working is at its highest in London, the South East, and the South West.

Less prosperous Wales, the North East and Yorkshire.

“We estimate there are just under 5.5 million people working at least some portion of the week from home,” said Tim Johnson, Point Topic chief executive officer. “Around 70% of these use the internet in their work.”

Point Topic said around half of all homeworkers are freelancers or sole traders working on their own account. Around 9% run businesses with employees from their home, while the rest are working as employees.

Homeworkers are twice as likely to be male as female and are also likely to hold a professional or managerial job. They are generally family people based in suburbs or prosperous towns.

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