Hospital drama for managers

and the London NHS Trust is employing drama to enhance staff development.

is using the arts’ based learning consultancy Steps to bring management issues
to life on a multi-disciplinary development programme for doctors, nurses and
allied health professionals.

programme, which covers subjects from diversity to finance, aims to enhance
patient care by giving each group a greater understanding of the pressures
faced by other staff in the trust.

‘Managing Life in the NHS’, the nine-day modular programme is delivered three
times a year, over a three-month period, in the medical education centre at the
London Chest Hospital .

development is normally run separately for different professional groups,” said
assistant director of the trust’s medical and dental education department Anita

bringing doctors, nurses and allied health professionals together we can
highlight the pressures facing each group. This gives people a greater insight
into how others work in the trust and its has a very positive knock-on effect
for patient care.”

actor facilitators run three-hour drama-based training sessions which include a
range of scenarios.

undertake very realistic role plays and the participants interact and see the
issues brought to life in front of them,” said Kapoor.“

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