Hospitality HR and social networking with hotcatUK

The brainchild of Jose Ruiz, Human Resources manager at a leading London hotel, hotcatUK is a thriving community geared towards all those working in hospitality.

Over 270 members are already discussing the hottest topics affecting the industry, networking with each other and creating private groups based on workplaces, organisations and roles within the industry.

Sonya Lipczynska, hotcatUK’s newsletter editor explains:

“There have been exciting new developments at hotcatUK over the past eight months, one of which is the creation of the hotcatUK job board, where prospective employees can browse the job opportunities on offer and potential employers can advertise their vacancies free of charge and also showcase their organisation in the featured employer section and the discussion forums.  An official hotcatUK newsletter is also in the pipeline, with the inaugural issue expected in April”

Jose Ruiz, network creator adds: “We are working hard towards achieving our long term aims for hotcatUK, and future plans include sponsorship programmes for disadvantaged young people who want to gain professional qualifications and progress further in their chosen field.  In this way we hope to encourage and foster enthusiasm, commitment and talent within hospitality”

“As Human Resources professionals” – Jose Ruiz explains – “we must embrace new technologies and social trends; and whilst many see networking sites as a threat to productivity, I see a huge opportunity to engage the workforce and attract talent through what is already become an online social revolution”.

Jose Ruiz continues, “networking sites, like hotcatUK, bridge the gap between potential candidates and employers and also act as a platform to share best practice and to network both within and outside the organisation. Tapping into this resource is likely to offer a competitive advantage, potentially reducing recruitment costs and providing HR a tool to target a targeted source of potential candidates”

hotcatUK is the social and professional network for people working in hotels and catering and those currently considering hospitality as a career

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