Hot date with devil is HR’s best fiend

All good devil worshippers out there will realise that this week’s magazine is the Devil’s Issue, since the date is a delightful 6.6.6. As we are now obliged to avoid religious discrimination in all its forms, this is more than just the Devil’s organ, it is the issue dedicated to Ahriman, the Zoroastrian God of Darkness; Ghede, the Voodoo God of Death; Ictinike, the Sioux Indian Devil; Kali, the Hindu Goddess also known as the Black Destroyer; and, possibly Guru’s favourite, Xipetotec, the Aztec God of Pain, who enjoyed pain so much he flayed himself alive.

So just remember, when things get tough in the HR department, you can always recommend a few to be fired to cheer you up. After all, it’s better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven, as Guru’s Uncle Mephistopheles used to say.

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