Hot-desking will keep you alert

Hot-desking will keep you alert -it’s now official

Hot-desking could be good for you, official advice claimed last week.

The cost-saving policy of sharing workspace has been controversial. But a
Health and Safety Executive study of hot-desking workplaces found no increase
in stress, and some indications that the environment is stimulating.

Stress recorded among hot-deskers was at a similar level to those working in
conventional environments.

It found that the constantly changing working environment in the companies
studied "is good for the alertness of employees and is no more stressful
than a static environment".

The HSE also looked at workplaces declared as "learning
organisations". In these, staff feel more in control of their working
lives, have more supportive relationships with colleagues and are more aware of
company objectives than staff in traditional workplaces.

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