Housing aid for graduates to fill engineering gap

Four in 10 engineering companies offer graduates financial assistance with
accommodation to help beat skills shortages.

A survey by the Engineering Employers’ Federation of 270 engineering
employers in the south, east and west of England and Wales reveals 43 per cent
offer some form of accommodation-related incentive.

Philippa James, HR officer at Alfa Laval, said the firm puts graduates up in
bed and breakfasts while they are looking for accommodation and also offers
£1,000 for a deposit and first month’s rent.

James believes this helps attract quality graduates and creates a sense of
employee loyalty that will increase retention.

She said: "We hope the offer makes them feel better about the company
and sees that we are there to help and are not a bad company to work for. This
should help the organisation’s relationship with the employee."

The EEF said despite increasing numbers of engineering graduates leaving
university, competition to recruit is still strong and accommodation costs are a
concern for young people.

EEF spokesperson Mark Swift said: "Basic salary is less and less a
major issue these days. It is everything else offered on top of that in terms
of benefits which is important."


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