How to get staff buy-in for training

A key part to any training manager’s role is ensuring the training provision they have made receives an audience. Here are some top tips to help ensure the trainees maintain their side of the bargain.

  1. Promote your training initiatives. Make sure everyone in the company is aware of training opportunities – promote them on your intranet and by emails to line and section managers.


  2. Ensure training has a prominent presence on the home page of your organisation’s intranet. Make sure employees can sign up for courses on the intranet.


  3. Know your customers. Build email lists of employees by function, skill, department and rank. Then email relevant groups when you want to promote particular training opportunities.


  4. Remind employees they are booked to attend training twice before the actual date. Ask them to acknowledge reminders – if they don’t, phone them.


  5. Insist on some sort of pre-course work. If delegates are given and do relevant pre-course work they are involved before the off.


  6. If your staff use mobile phones for work, make sure you have candidates’ numbers. Track the no-shows. Tell trainers to inform you as soon as possible if delegates don’t turn up – then call them.



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