How to make the most of incentives this Christmas and New Year

“Too many companies are missing chances to make the most of Christmas gifts and incentive schemes,” says Andy Philpott, Marketing Director of Capital Incentives & Motivation

“Not enough businesses realise they can achieve so much more than just build goodwill and show appreciation for loyalty and commitment. They do not realise that the schemes can be valuable in maximising sales not only right to the end of the year but also to begin the year successfully.

“This is particularly important this year. While 2009 has been hard, 2010 looks like another tough prospect for most organisations.

“The trick is to divide the qualifying period for end of year rewards into two – both December and January. That creates the opportunity to keep staff motivated and rewarded right up to the end of the year and to generate momentum for good start to 2010.

“That also means to bring the team together to celebrate success, both before and after Christmas.

“This year communication will be equally as important as the reward or gift itself in the giving of Christmas gifts and rewards to staff and customers.

“With many organisations having to be sensitive about the impact of redundancies or about reduced spending or dealing with staff who have had to take on more work without a pay rise, it is especially important to convey the right messages in the right way. Otherwise the impact can even be reduced.

“Companies who want their staff to be well motivated and engaged for 2010 or customers and third party staff to be supportive must ensure that they communicate effectively their thanks and appreciation for their commitment and contribution this year.

“For maximum impact and benefit, Christmas reward programmes should planned well and early, and not appear to be an afterthought.

To help businesses maximise performance and engagement this Christmas and build the foundations for a good 2010, the Capital team has produced another helpful advisory guide with many valuable ideas entitled: “Building Engagement & Performance in 2010” through gifts, rewards and communications at Christmas.


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