Howler helps Guru call ‘tim’ on phobia

Disciple Tim is a braver man than most. Guru always welcomes input to his column, but like anyone of an artistic persuasion, he doesn’t take too kindly to suggestions that things might be done differently. If Guru wants to take his elephant army across the Alps (or perhaps the Norfolk Broads for a Sunday morning stroll even) then, by God, he’ll do it. Capisce?

But in the interest of ending a long feud with all people called Tim (it’s too complicated to go into here), he will run his letter because it is rather amusing.

Dear Guru

May I respectfully suggest a change of tack for your column? Whereas your recounting of your disciples’ HR howlers has been marvellous, perhaps now is a good time to allow those of us in the L&D world our turn. This is the most risible excuse I have heard for non-attendance on a course:

“I did not attend the course yesterday as it was extremely windy and I was frightened that my sports car might blow over.”

Disciple Tim

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