HR academy: Nottingham Trent University

HR specific/related courses: MSc Strategic Human Resource Management
(part-time, block-release), plus three one-day research workshops, which run
over 15 months; Certificate in Personnel Practice, which leads to affiliate
membership of the CIPD; Postgraduate Certificate in Management for Personnel
and Development (one-year, part-time), which gives Licentiate Membership of the
CIPD; Postgraduate Diploma in Personnel Management (two years, part-time –
although there is a one-year fast-track route), which gives Graduate membership
of the CIPD; Postgraduate Diploma in Training Management, (two years,
part-time, although there is a one-year fast-track route), which gives Graduate
membership of the CIPD.

Founded: Achieved university status in 1992, but its roots go back to
1881 and along the way it’s been known as Nottingham and District Technical
College, Nottingham Regional College of Technology and Trent Polytechnic.

College CV: Nottingham Trent has two main sites – the central City
Campus and the Clifton Campus, which is four miles from the city centre.
Nottingham Business School, home to the HRM courses, received an ‘excellent’
quality assessment rating by the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) and
the university has received four grade fives in the latest Research Assessment
Exercise (RAE). It has one of the biggest HRM departments in the UK and is a
CIPD Centre of Excellence. It has provided CIPD courses since the early 1970s,
is actively involved in research projects and has consultancy links with
outside organisations. Nottingham Business School is also responsible for
providing one of the most comprehensive set of weblinks to the international
world of HRM via Ray Lye’s web page. Sadly, Ray is now deceased, but his
world-renowned links live on, maintained by senior lecturer and employee
relations and law expert, David Bott.

Entry requirements: For the MSc, membership of the CIPD or a PG
Diploma in personnel management or HR or a’demonstrable’ equivalent level of

For the CIPD courses, see website.

Star HR academics: Lynette Harris, whose research interests include
the impact of employment regulation on HR practices, performance management and
changing patterns of participation in the workplace. She has jointly edited the
textbook Strategic Human Resourcing: Principles, Perspectives and Practices in
HRM, with fellow lecturers John Leopold (head of HRM at Nottingham) and Tony
Watson. She also devised the Performance Management syllabus for the CIPD’s
professional qualification scheme. Watson, professor of organisational and
managerial behaviour, whose book, Sociology, Work and Industry (1980, 1987,
1995) continues to be the main British textbook on industrial sociology and his
two most recent books, Organising and Managing Work and Human Resources in
Organisations, (the latter edited by John Leopold), look set to be as

Alumni: There is an active alumni network and a new alumni
association website is currently being set-up.

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