HR admin squeezes out time for strategic work

Almost three-quarters of HR departments spend less than 20 per cent of their
time on strategic activities.

A survey by IRS asked 85 organisations’ HR departments to estimate what
proportion of their working time they spend on strategic work, administration
and providing a consultancy service to the business.

It finds that almost three-quarters allocate 20 per cent or less of their
time to strategic activities, and just 8 per cent devote more than 40 per cent
of their time to them.

Only three organisations reported spending no time on strategic HR projects,
and only one spent more than three-quarters of its time on them.

Administration still takes up the majority of time spent by HR departments,
and around two-thirds spend up to 40 per cent of their time on it. Respondents
mostly spend between 21-40 per cent of time as internal consultants.

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