HR Development in the 21st century

HR professionals have one of the toughest jobs around at the moment; working hard to keep everyone happy and productive in the face of the current recession.  With restricted budgets and pay freezes galore, many organisations are using staff training and development opportunities as incentives to retain their key staff.  But with HR so focused on developing the workforce, who’s developing them?

In today’s world, business is all about contributing value.  That includes everyone from sales and marketing through to finance and HR.  According to Dave Ulrich’s seminal recent paper, in order to be both a recognised and respected function, HR needs to be able to demonstrate the value it adds to the business. He suggests that HR should be able to:

  • Articulate how the HR strategy complements the overall business strategy and makes positive returns to the bottom line
  • Ensure that HR practices are aligned to the business both now and in the future
  • Have in place HR professionals with the commercial acumen and competencies to deliver added value
  • Make data-backed analytical decisions which can be tracked and monitored

As organisations become more complex, the value of a commercially driven HR department is critical to business success.  With an effective HR Development Programme, organisations have a HR team with the knowledge and skills that underpin the principle activities of a commercially driven HR function.

To equip HR managers with these new skills People Resolutions has developed a tailored HR Development Programme.  Organisations can choose from modules including:

  •  Developing and Measuring HR Strategy
  • The Fundamentals of Human Capital
  • Measurement of people risks and culture
  • Talent and Succession Planning in the 21st Century, plus many more

This programme is also eligible for CPD hours with many HR and Management Professional Bodies – please contact us for further details.  To find out about the HR Development Programmes offered, visit the People Resolutions website, email or call our experts on 0800 6125 110.

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