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Hiding away from IT contract recruiters

I appear to have upset a few recruitment consultants when I alluded to
harassment a few columns ago. Good!

At least we’re starting a debate here, about how to move relationships
forward so that we recruiters and consultants can reach a better state of

So, here’s some more fuel to add to the fire…

Recently, I asked my friends about the worst things that happen to them in
the course of their daily working lives. Some said firing staff, others said
they hated telling people they hadn’t got salary increases or bonuses.

Another dreaded presenting to the board, and yet another (I have lots of
friends) loathed facing the press (she reckons journalists are mean; I think
they’re lovely. Honest).

I went on to relate the horror that can beset my day when the worst thing
imaginable happens – an IT contract recruiter gets hold of my direct dial

As a breed, man oh man – this bunch make double-glazing salespeople seem
shy, and the big bloke whose pint I spilt the other night, submissive.

What IT contract recruiters don’t seem to understand is that like a good
girl on prom night, when I say no, I mean no. And any attempts at assertion,
boxing in or straightforward ego-challenging are simply not going to get them
past the front door.

My favourite attempt was: "Maybe I need to speak to the person who
makes the decisions." That’s me, dummy!

Anybody who receives similar onslaughts on a regular basis is more than
welcome to come to the inaugural ‘I Got Hounded by IT Contract Recruiters Until
I was Too Afraid to Answer the Phone’ meeting. I am busy organising it right
now The plan is to all hide and quiver behind our voicemails together.

Meanwhile, you IT recruitment lot, just try backing off a little……

Hartley, our new weekly columnist with strong opinion, is an HR director
at large

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