HR helps English councils to make £1.3bn of efficiency savings

HR departments in councils across England have helped them to beat efficiency targets set by chancellor Gordon Brown, who expected them to provide £3bn worth of gains by

Councils are well on the way to delivering a further £1.3bn of efficiency gains this financial year, according to figures from the Communities and Local Government department.

Efficiency savings can come from innovation in service delivery, investment in technology, rationalisation of back office functions, and organisational development.

The figures, submitted by councils in their ‘mid-year update’ statements before Christmas, are in line with statistics reported earlier in the year.

Phil Woolas, local government minister, said: “Today’s figures again show that councils are making great strides in terms of efficiency, and prove once more that councils can provide top quality services by rethinking the way that they do business.

“Based on the way councils have driven forward this agenda to date, I am confident they will deliver this vision in meeting the tougher targets that will be part of next year’s Comprehensive Spending Review.”

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