HR highs and lows

A month is a long time in HR. We look back at the highs and lows of April 2006.


4 April

The Pensions Commission releases a third report on sorting out the looming pensions crisis. Very little changes from the last report and we begin to wonder if Lord Turner is just showing off now.
Turner remains steadfast on pension plans

6 April

It’s that time of year when new employment legislation falls with such a thump through the corporate letter box that it threatens the structural integrity of your office. TUPE, noise regulations and statutory sick pay rises are some of the lowlights this year.
Employment law timetable round-up

13 April

Unions agree to stop striking about local government pensions. Is it because Labour is set to capitulate on retirement again? Possibly. Is it because unions can’t agree? Maybe. Is there any method to the madness? Not really.
Unions suspend industrial action and resume talks with employer over ‘rule of 85’

18 April

All those companies which have worked so hard to get Investors in People accreditation might be perturbed by a report that labels the organisation “primarily a marketing agency”. As any good financial adviser will tell you: “The value of Investors may go down as well as up.”
Investors in People under the spotlight over value

25 April

It’s alive! The proposed ‘super union’ has been given a devastatingly original working title: ‘The New Union’. Presumably with this ‘new’ thinking it’s all going to be about partnership and mutual consideration. Hang on, it’s a bit late for April Fools isn’t it?
Lack of commitment from GMB raises doubts over ‘super union’




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