HR holds the power in modernisation plans

HR will need to play a central role if the modernisation of public services
is to be a success.

This was the message from Sir Richard Wilson, Cabinet Secretary and head of
the Home Civil Service, during a seminar on modernisation and change in public

"It is important for HR managers to realise they are the most powerful
people in terms of the success of their organisation. You have the key
responsibility for bringing about change," he said.

The Civil Service is two years into a five-year process of reform. Wilson
stressed that developing effective leadership had been an essential part of managing

"We need teams of people at the top who have the skills to run a modern
department," he said.

Wilson said the Civil Service is committed to recruiting and promoting staff
on merit to ensure the best people are in the right jobs.

Performance management including annual bonuses linked to departmental
targets have also played an important part in changing the service’s culture.

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