HR in practice

HR in
is the title of a new series in Personnel Today aimed at
sharing best practice in running HR change projects. If you would like to get
involved, read on

What is this?

HR in
is Personnel Today’s look at best practice in HR. The
aim is to look at how HR teams have driven organisational change to benefit
their business.

We would
like to hear from organisations that have successfully implemented an HR
project and are willing to talk about how they did it. Projects must have been
running for at least six months and must show measurable business benefits.

How it works

If you want
your HR project to be considered for publication in Personnel Today, then you
will need to provide us with the information listed below. We will also need to
interview the HR person responsible for the project.

Information on the industry sector your
organisation operates within, its size, recent major events (eg takeovers,
growth, job losses, change at the top etc)

The challenge: Describe the challenge for the project and the
timescales involved.
● Who in the business and HR was involved?
● What did they do?
● Why was it interesting?
● Did they use outside help? ideas from elsewhere?
● Issues about getting other people (eg the line) on board?
● Cost (if applicable)

The outcome:
How successful was the project? How was this measured? Any surprising outcomes?
How did the business receive the idea?

The employee
We will need to hear from those affected by the
initiative to see what they think. We need to steer clear of HR saying how well
it has done.

points for HR:
If you were to do this again, what
would you repeat and what would you do differently? Any other hints for HR
professionals facing the same challenge.

Who to
contact at Personnel Today

If you have a
project that fits these criteria, e-mail Martin
[email protected] Please provide a brief outline of the project and
contact details. In the subject field of the e-mail, please put ‘HR in

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