HR managers don’t see how departmental goals fit corporate strategy

Two-thirds of HR managers are unaware of cross-departmental goals, according to a survey.

The study of 144 UK HR directors from organisations with more than 500 employees found there was a distinct lack of alignment of goals from different business departments, providing a negative impact on business and employee performance.

Andrew Mayo, professor of human capital management at the Middlesex University Business School, who analysed results from the survey, said: “In the same way goals need to be vertically and horizontally integrated – too often they are unconnected to the big picture and to the corporate strategy.”

He added: “Effective performance systems need to be designed like a building – with floors and pillars connecting with and supporting each other.”

Talent management company SuccessFactors, which published the survey, will host a webinar with Mayo on 19 March titled Being Serious about the Asset Value of Your People.

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