HR plays vital role in Toyota’s working-life revamp

A major revamp of working life at Toyota’s vehicle manufacturing plant in
Derbyshire will lead to around-the-clock production, an extra shift, and will
create 1,000 extra jobs.

It is the first time Toyota has operated a third shift at a vehicle
manufacturing plant. The move will boost annual production of some models from
220,000 to around 270,000.

Toyota’s general manager of HR, Clive Bridge, told Personnel Today that HR
is playing a major part in the change. He said HR staff are working to ensure
the existing shifts are properly maintained, and pulling together the necessary
elements to integrate a three-shift pattern.

Toyota is using external consultants to recruit production supervisors,
maintenance and production team members.

Most of the supervisors will be promoted internally, and the team is
developed on the shopfloor.

"In the time [we have], it will be very challenging, but we have
detailed plans in place," he said.

Existing staff will form the backbone of each shift to ensure a balance of
skills, and staff will work on a weekly rotating shift pattern.

"Members were enthusiastic about the move to three shifts," Bridge
said. "The hours of work are more attractive, and their basic shift
premium goes from 17.5 per cent for two shifts, to 24.5 per cent for

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