HR policies: e-mail on the rise while work-life balance languishes

two-thirds of HR departments have introduced policies on e-mail and Internet use
over the past four years, research reveals.

all employers have a formal HR policy on employee discipline and grievances,
according to the IRS Employment Review survey Developing HR Policies: A Case
of Reinventing the Wheel?

organisations are least likely to have formal policies on work-life balance,
with only a fifth of respondents having developed guidelines in this area.

research shows that the threat of new legislation has prompted 98 per cent of
personnel professionals to amend HR policies.

study reveals that maternity and paternity leave and equal opportunities, all
recently introduced into UK legislation, are in the top five areas where HR
policy is to be changed within organisations.

90 per cent of respondents say organisational HR strategy is the driving force
behind most developments.

survey was based on responses from 180 employers contacted in August this year.

By Paul Nelson

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