HR Power Players list 2008

The wait is over. We’ve completed our quest to identify the people making the biggest impact in HR and business and it’s time to reveal our Top 40 Power Players 2008. This is Personnel Today’s ranking of the most influential figures in HR today.

If you’re not aware of the people featured in this year’s list, then you need update your contact book and start networking. Time to get to know them, perhaps?

So how did we identify our Power Players? Over the past few months the Personnel Today editorial team has debated and argued the list and nominations and voted on the finalists.

With valued input from our editorial advisory board members – a range of ­academics, senior HR directors and consultants – and importantly you, our readers, we have ranked the nominated individuals in order of their industry influence and impact throughout 2008.

Some of the people featured in our list have moved up or down it this year. Some have fallen off it ­altogether. Certainly you’ll notice that there are plenty of new faces and, for the first time, the Top 40 list focuses exclusively on practitioners. We decided that you were worthy of more column inches than we have previously given you.

We also highlight future Power Players – the ‘Ones to Watch’. It’s likely that you’ll start to see these people’s impact soon.

Look out, too, for our ‘Opinion Formers’: politicians, association leaders and lobbyists who are shaping the industry – for better or worse – and who try to dictate our strategy and direction.

We believe that our list reflects individuals who have, over the past year, had a significant impact on their company or on policy. These individuals’ drive and vision has provided inspiration for best practice to others and to the profession as a whole.

But our Power Players list always prompts much debate and we’d love to hear your views. E‑mail

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