HR profession sees smallest rise in salary

Graduates starting in the HR profession this year can expect the smallest salary increase of any professional role, according to a new report by the Association of Graduate Recruiters.

Graduate Salary and Vacancies 2001, suggests that new law graduates can expect the highest year-on-year salary increase of 6.6 per cent, compared with new HR graduates who will receive a salary only 2.8 per cent higher than those recruited in 1999-2000.

This will mean salaries for HR graduates will rise from £18,150 last year to £18,550, while new law graduates can expect £23,250.

But HR was among the least difficult disciplines for employers to recruit for. Eighty-seven per cent of employers questioned said they had no difficulties in finding new staff.

AGR chief executive Carl Gilleard believes salary increases are small in HR because of its popularity and the type of graduate it appeals to. “HR is such a popular profession and has no real skills shortage. Also, it is not as competitive as other industries so its salaries do not have to increase dramatically.

“Graduates who are attracted to HR as a career are not the sort of people who are driven by financial demands.”

Graduate salaries are expected to rise by 3.3 per cent during 2001, in line with inflation, but one in 10 employers plans to increase wages by at least 10 per cent, with legal firms leading the way.

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