HR professionals favour a Conservative election victory, poll finds

The HR profession holds faith in the Conservatives doing a better job for UK businesses than any other political party, a poll has revealed.

Of 250 HR professionals quizzed by career coaching firm Personal Career Management, the Tories proved the most popular by far.

Nearly one-third (28%) claimed David Cameron’s party would be better for UK firms if it came to power, while Labour and the Liberal Democrats languished behind in the poll at 13% and 14% respectively.

One in five HR professionals (20%) felt their own organisations would benefit by the Tories being in power, compared to 19% for Labour and 9% for the Lib Dems.

Reasons behind the ‘blue vote’ were not revealed in the poll, but employers’ bodies have largely welcomed Conservative plans to scrap the scheduled national insurance rise for low earners.

The findings come just days after a study found nearly two-thirds of firms are worried about a hung Parliament after the election.

A British Chambers of Commerce study found 65% of 300 firms were “concerned” or “very concerned” about the potential for their being no clear mandate if there is no overall majority at the polls.

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