HR pros back joined-thinking but fear communication gap is too wide

Public sector HR professionals support the idea of joined-up Government, but
fear that communication difficulties between departments and a lack of
direction are hampering its progress.

Joined-up working is a key component of the Government’s policy to improve
service delivery by getting all agencies, departments and public bodies to work
with more cohesion.

A recent poll shows the majority of HR professionals think joined-up working
will benefit staff, with two-thirds believing it will focus training needs.

However, the poll also reveals that HR believes a fear of cultural
differences, poor middle management and a lack of communication between central
and local government are blocking new ways of working.

Almost 60 per cent of the 101 public bodies polled by training provider
LogicaCMG, wanted more direction from central government to help make the
policy work.

In addition, two-thirds of those in the NHS and local government think communication
between departments must improve if the reforms are to be successful.

More than half of local government respondents and almost 40 per cent from
central government, fear that cultural differences between organisations are
major inhibitors to the changes.

The majority of respondents cited training as the main tool to help overcome
the current difficulties, and provide managers with the skills to make
joined-up Government work.

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