HR shows signs of catching web recruitment bug

A third of employers advertise all their vacancies on job boards, research

The study also finds more than 60 per cent of the 210 HR professionals
surveyed had used job sites in the last 12 months.

It shows that 99 per cent of employers have a corporate website and, of
these, 76 per cent use it for recruitment.

The totaljobs survey finds that key benefits of online recruitment are
considered to be speed (30 per cent), reach (25 per cent) and targeting (16 per

Respondents highlighted the problem of inappropriate applications, often
from other countries, as a major drawback of online recruitment.

Although most respondents identified recruitment as a strategic issue, only
47 per cent have a director with recruitment responsibilities at board level.

The study also reveals that employer branding is seen as the key issue when
recruiting staff, ahead of both costs and speed.

According to the survey, HR is becoming more comfortable with online recruitment,
with 48 per cent of respondents reporting that recruitment is suited to the
web, compared to 39 per cent last year.

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