HR Space: a guide to joining our new HR community

HR Space, the exciting new online community for everyone working in human resources, launched last week on It is designed to allow you to share information, ask questions and gauge opinion of other people who know a lot about HR – other HR professionals. Online editor Rob Moss provides a step-by-step guide to entering HR Space.

What is HR Space?

HR Space is your space to interact with other HR professionals. Its forums give you the opportunity to ask questions that may help you in your work or answer others’ queries. Discussions evolve from less typical issues in HR, situations you may want to consult other people on.

Other discussions relate to latest news stories, for example on proposed government legislation. Members frequently ask “if anyone has a policy” on a certain topic. Now respondents can, as well as offering advice, upload documents that may help their HR peers.

As well as this networking, every HR Space member has the opportunity to set up their own blog. Share a diary or ‘weblog’ about your life in HR or perhaps share in the development of an HR policy in your workplace. Regular bloggers can soon build up a loyal audience of like-minded professionals who will comment and offer advice on their progress.

How do I join?

HR Space is hosted on and shares the same registration system. Many of you will have registered already through the Personnel Today Jobs site. In HR Space click Sign-In, and either fill in your e-mail address and password or follow the link to register from scratch.

HR Space - Connecting the HR communityNext you will be asked to create a nickname. This will be your ‘handle’ in the forum. Once chosen you cannot change it, so consider it carefully. Many choose either their full name or a shortened version, others are more creative (Zoo girl, J1 and HRH are real examples from HR Space). Either way you can provide more detail later about yourself in your profile page.

Why should I edit my profile?

Once you enter a nickname you will enter the site. The first thing to do is to edit your profile. You can disclose fully or partially who you are, where you work, your interests in HR and in general. But if you prefer, you can remain entirely anonymous.

First you should upload an avatar, an image that will appear alongside your posts and in your profile. Again you can choose a picture of yourself or another picture. Under the avatar section click ‘Enable avatar’, browse for your picture, upload it and save your changes.

You can fill in a signature which will appear at the bottom of every post you make. You can fill in a ‘bio’ that can describe more about your current role, your HR history and the different sectors you’ve worked in.

How do I join a discussion?

You can browse the latest discussions by clicking on ‘Forums‘. Here you will find our ‘Forums for all‘, which has 12 forums on all the main subjects in HR. You will also find ‘Help, Rules and Guidelines‘ which includes ‘FAQs on HR Space‘ where you can get more help if required and the Rules of HR Space, a few dos and don’ts on forum etiquette.

HR Space help is at hand

HR Space is your forum so we’re keen that it works in a way that suits you. Personnel Today’s online editor Rob Moss is usually on hand to help with any aspect of HR Space, from logging in to setting up your own blog.

E-mail him at with any questions and with any feedback you may have. 

The HR-Only forums will only appear on this page after you have e-mailed to gain access. This area is designed for HR practitioners only – suppliers, employees, and others, for example trade unionists, cannot enter. Entry is at the online editor’s discretion – please e-mail with your full job details to request access.

Once you’ve found a discussion thread to join click on ‘Reply’ to add you comment. Once written, there is a preview option so you can see what your post will look like. Once you’re finished, click ‘Post’ and you will see your comment in the thread of the discussion. If you spot an error, you have 30 minutes in which to edit your post, so check for mistakes straight away.

Join HR Space now!

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