HR strategy: Next generation staff will want green and helpful employers

HR professionals must adapt to a world where ‘the employee is king’ as a new generation of workers arrive with a different set of demands and expectations.

Dubbed ‘the Millenials’ – people born after 1998 – this new generation will demand flexibility and bring a conscience to work.

These workers will expect employers to deliver meaningful benefits to society and the environment, delegates at an HR conference hosted by professional services company Pricewaterhouse- Coopers (PwC) in Barcelona last week heard.

Millenials will be completely literate in technology, making increased demands on IT services. Some will make snap judgements on the attractiveness of a prospective employer based on the reliability of the company website.

Most of all, they will be less loyal to employers than any generation before them. If they are unhappy at work, they will leave and go to work where the terms, conditions or corporate brand better meet their expectations and values.

Michael Rendell, partner at PwC, said: “Companies are going to have to keep up with the changing demands of employees if they want the best workforce. And it is not all about money. The companies that offer the best package of benefits and brand are going to get the best staff.”

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