HR struggling for recognition, claims research

Managers do not recognise HR as central to business success,
according to research by Internet consultancy Click2learn.

The survey shows that over half of the 100 managers
questioned never speak to the head of HR in their company, or meet to assess
training objectives.

A quarter of those asked only met with their HR director
once a year.

The survey also shows that there is a gap between what HR
believes its role to be and what other managers see as its function.

Employers are also failing to adopt online training, with
only 8 per cent of employers have fully introducing e-learning, according to
the research. Over half of the employers surveyed admit that they use it to
mainly teach IT skills.

Of those employers starting a programme of e-learning 58 per
cent don’t have a formal strategy with clear goals in place.

By Karen
Higginbottom. Click here to respond

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